How to order custom hand painted canvas backdrops

We think it is the best when we paint for a client by precise specifications

Size, color ( grey ), lightness, texture ….

If you are interested in grey canvas backdrop we always start from lightness. Below you can see our lightness chart. You can choose any for your canvas backdrop general appearance

Shades of gray - color palette

There are 4 different grey palettes to choose from

warm (with a bit of yellow)
warm (with a bit of green)
cool (with a bit of blue)

Unique Backdrops color palette.

Texture & color

Canvas Background

And than we move to texture…

There are many different examples on our site and Instagram profile so it is always good if you can refer to an image of our backdrop that you like so we can build from there. You can also find a lot of good samples of canvas backdrops on our new Pinterest social media channel.

When it comes to colors we work by NCS system. There are some 2000 colors to choose from. This is how we order paint so what you choose  is exactly what you will get. Below you can download NCS color catalog


Canvas Backdrops

Over 2000 colours to choose from

The foundation of our products is the NCS – Natural Colour System®©The NCS system is a universal way of describing colours as we experience them visually. Each colour has a unique NCS notation to describe how the colour relates to the four basic colours – yellow, red, blue, and green, as well as to black and white – in blackness, whiteness and chromaticness. The NCS code describes the percentage of the colour that consists of these different parts. This makes it possible to describe the colours of all surface materials and ensure that the colours turn out exactly as you want them to.

Unique backdrops colors in triangle.